Rutherford Diagnostics is transforming early diagnosis in healthcare

By developing innovative healthcare environments couple with leading technologies, such as state-of-the-art diagnostics, to reduce illness and support good health, Rutherford Diagnostics is at the forefront of transformative healthcare.

Rutherford Diagnostics is leading the development of complex healthcare projects from conception through to completion and beyond, our vision is of a healthcare future where, through early diagnosis, screening, and prediction, people will live well for longer.

Rutherford Diagnostics is transforming medical diagnostics through the provision of optimal, cost-effective diagnostic services and investment in new and developing technologies to realise a future where people will live well for longer.

By building partnerships with healthcare professionals and organisations and providing them with a much-needed diagnostic capacity that utilises the most advanced equipment available, Rutherford Diagnostics is supporting their longer-term aspirations of delivering high-quality healthcare and outcomes to communities.

Access to state-of-the-art diagnostic centres, and healthcare technologies that Rutherford Diagnostics is delivering, will be central to the future of healthcare management, enabling personalised healthcare solutions for everyone.

CASE STUDY - Community Diagnostic Centre

A partnership between Rutherford Diagnostics and Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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